MosaicLights has created what had seemed to be beyond reach.

This patented technology opens up new possibilities when it comes to interior design, decoration and function beyond lighting systems. Let it be indoor or outdoor, MosaicLights’ product modules can be built under the given surface, illuminating walls, floors, areas of premises. Our solutions assure long LED useful life-span and no maintenance cost.


We believe that the most profound value of humanity is thirst for improvement.

We encourage questions, and do not accept impossibility. We succeed because we have dreams and enjoy to take the steps towards them, focusing on what is ahead to deliver what you conceive in mind.


MosaicLights is light.
It is decoration. It is your design.
It serves various functions, as well.
Let it be indoor or outdoor, the modules are built under the given surface, illuminating walls, floors, areas of premises.
MosaicLights modules are available in several shapes, patterns and colors. However, there are no limitations concerning the covering materials (glass mosaic, onyx, porcelain), forms and colors.
Our team cooperates to best serve your conception in mind.


MosaicLights is not only about lighting up surfaces.
it also can be a part of a smart home system, or cooperate with other electric devices in the premises.
You can control it and it can control other devices in the place. It interacts by a touch, mobile application, RFID card, and it further activates other electric devices in the building. (examples: elevators, comfort devices, heating systems, security systems)
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One of the most valued feature of MosaicLights solution is that it can be handled just like any other tiles in the market.
Design elements, graphics and functional information are loaded right in the background of the wall and there is no need for any wires or socket to further activate the system.
Regarding the installation or cleaning of the modules, again, you do not require any special expertise.
The design can be easily created by a tiler of your choice, and cleaning can be done as regular.


Basic Decoration Modules:
Modules are available in seven colors from pricelist. Other colours can be produced by special order. Modules with the same width can be connected in any variations combining different design versions and colors.

Functional Modules:
Besides the modules with pre-set shapes and graphics, special functional modules are also available, such as clock- and thermometer modules.
Some MosaicLights lighting elements have even a touch-sensor feature which can be activated and deactivated by a simple touch - be it on a floor to step on or on a wall surface.
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What does MosaicLights solution mean?

MosaicLights solutions provide a very unique way of lighting for surfaces plated with any kind of transparent tiles (glass mosaic, onyx, porcelain, agglomerates). It preserves the main characteristics of the tiles (remains waterproof, suitable for walls and floors both indoor and outdoor).

When was the company started?

MosaicLights Ltd. was founded 3 years ago to utilize the MosaicLights concept. The founders united their expertise in the fields of lighting, tiling and creative design to create a working solution.

Is this a new technology?

Yes, the founders of MosaicLights Ltd. are also the owners and holders of the patent rights for the revolutionary MosaicLights solution. We have presented our products at several industry exhibitions since 2012.

Can these products be added to existing surfaces or it can be installed only in newly-built places?

Yes, existing surfaces can be also coloured and upgraded with the installation of MosaigLigths modules. For further information please click here.

Are there limitations of shapes or forms etc.?

MosaicLights solutions are based on a modular concept so you may be able to use your imagination to achieve the design you exactly like with the help of our optional corner modules.

What kind of special knowledge is required for installation?

No special knowledge or expertise is required for the installation of the MosaicLights modules, a tiler with an average professional expertise may be able to install them easily. For details please click here.

How difficult is the wiring / electrical installation?

Wiring and electrical installation are based on standard parts and techniques so an electrician with an average professional expertise may be able to install the wiring for the MosaicLights modules easily.

Is this a low-energy lighting solution?

Yes, MosaicLights modules contain the most advanced LED-based lighting technology with an average energy consumption of 4 - 5 Watts per module.

This kind of lighting is recommended indoor or outdoor usage?

The MosaicLights solution can be installed beneath both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Is this product suitable for any kind of surfaces?

Certainly, MosaicLigths modules can be used with all glass mosaics or with any material that is transparent or translucent.

What is the difference compared to other lighting systems? 

MosaicLights provides you with a dynamic, scalable, lighting system beneath the surface without any wires or socket. It can be activated to display the graphics or function of your choice with a single touch.

How long does it take to have the installation from the point of order? 

In this recept, MosaicLights does not differ from any other construction projects.

Is there any post service or support for technical implementation, etc.? 

We will be more than happy to help you from planning your unique design to the installation of our modules.

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